Why would I freelance on Sociobid?

By freelancing on Sociobid,you can work from home, you are now opening up your future to new possibilities that were previously impossible. When you use sociobid to find freelance work, it gives you benefits in five key ways:

Curated project recommendations are:

No need to spend time while searching around for Freelancing projects now to work on. We send you a curated email with active Sociobid projects that match your skills, location, and experience. Keep your Sociobid profile up to date and let the work find you.

Focus on building impactful product:

Sociobid is all about building a quality product and bringing ideas into life. While other networks may focus on the “grunt work”, we value the passionate visionaries and the entrepreneurs and the top-tier builders. Leave/give the grunt work to the other guys – you should be building solutions to real-world problems where you want to build, and getting compensated appropriately along the way.

Easy invoicing. Secure payouts:

After you are hired for a Sociobid project, you can work from home and easily build and send invoices directly from your Sociobid dashboard. Your employer will make payments to your connected PayPal/2Checkout account through the secure Sociobid payment method, for quick and easy pay day.

We keep our fees low as possible, so you keep more money you want to earn.

We only get paid when you get paid. Sociobid deducts a 7% fee from payments made to you through Sociobid’s secure payment system, and you keep the rest.