Can I make payments to a contractor outside of Sociobid?

Sociobid’s business is dependent on the 7% fee we deduct from payments made to freelancers.

Going around Sociobid’s payment system a serious violation of our Terms and Conditions and could result in additional feeses, legal action should take, and removal from the Sociobid platform. The fee for circumventing the Sociobid payment system is $5,000 plus 10% the amount of all fees owed to the contractors.

In extreme scenarios, you can pay an opt-out fee of $5,000 to make payments outside of the Sociobid platform. Freelancers can request to pay the opt-out fee by emailing us at with details about why you cannot use Sociobid for payments to your contractor.

If a contractor asks you to send them payments outside of the Sociobid platform, contact immediately.