About Us

Socio Bid gives your business access to a large number of trusted independent specialists, who can accustom your work from anyplace at the globe.

Socio bid purpose is to drive the business in both ways and that accumulates as give and take. At Socio Bid marketplace, there are proprietors who may hire freelancers to work in areas such as software development, data entry, writing, design, engineering services, sales & marketing, accounting, sciences, legal services and much more.

We connect talented freelancers with savvy businesses that search for the right skills to get the Job done quickly and the hassle is on Socio Bid for managing and getting the work delivered successfully.

Socio Bids gives the way to flourish the dreams.

What is Freelance in Sociobid?

It’s a great business model that allows an individual to start business virtually no overheads no extra cost, you can start almost immediately with a bit of time and passion. Socio Bid is the platform that gives an opportunity to several types of freelancers in freelance community. It’s a great option for those who want freedom and escape from the traditional 9-5 job.

Types of Freelancer

  • Side-project/Part Time freelancers
  • Full-time freelancers
  • Single contract freelancers
  • Freelance business owners